kj’s right, it is very cool

You just have to love how the folks at Google continue to come out with cool tools. kj points out that Google now has satellite imagery available for its maps. It also still does all the cool overlay stuff, so you can see all the landmarks on your way to useful places. Click on the […]

usb charging

So I’m guessing the USB port on my laptop has the bare minimum of current flowing through it. When I connect my 7750 to it, it’ll charge two bars worth over an eight hour period. If the battery’s drained, that’s about enough power to last the night with minimal radio usage. This morning I plugged […]

fighting WordPress spam

I’ve helped a few folks out with WordPress spam, and had started writing a quick and dirty FAQ on how to set it up (I’ve had close to zero spam since implementing my fixes). I was trolling the WordPress support forums, and there is a decent third-party overview of fighting comment spam on sites powered […]

stoopid software

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a dirty little bastard, leaving droppings in the park and never cleaning up after itself. On Friday I was having “issues” with Reader not opening. The splash screen would pop up, disappear, and then nothing would appear afterwards. Restarting the app just launched another process, so all I ended up with […]

this ain’t good

It seems my network connectivity at home is kinda sucking. I was on the phone with tech support and they said “you’re filtering ICMP”, to which my reply was “no I’m not”. He then finally got a response and said “oh, gee, that’s bad”. That’s why I’m talking to you. 🙂 ping boojum PING home […]

sgi 1600sw dvi to openldi solution

One of the bonuses I collected while working at a former employer was SGI‘s 1600SW flat-panel display. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware, with a 1600×1024 resolution, a really fine dot-pitch, and a decent refresh rate. The only problem with it is that SGI decided to bank on National Semiconductor’s OpenLDI specification, which got laughed […]

blackberry 5750 7750 usb fun

I have a Blackberry 7750. I was reminded today of how painful the installation process was by a colleague who was having issues getting Win2k to recognize his. The long and the short of it is that RIM’s install software seems to be hit and miss with Windows 2000 when it comes to installing the […]