kj’s right, it is very cool

You just have to love how the folks at Google continue to come out with cool tools. kj points out that Google now has satellite imagery available for its maps. It also still does all the cool overlay stuff, so you can see all the landmarks on your way to useful places. Click on the start or end point (the green or red marker), and a PIP window opens that shows a zoomed-in pic of the start or finish point, and also to change the inset to a topographical map.

I have to admit I’ve been less than impressed with Google’s meta information, as in the past Google Maps has been missing streets that have been around for a long time. I re-ran the queries I was having problems with, and everything seems up to snuff now. Maybe their beta really is a beta now.

If you’re interested in some of the technology behind Google, do check out this show. It’s an hour long, but provides some high-level insight into how Google develops apps that scale. Not related specifically to this post, but it’s making the rounds inside work right now.

Trés cool.

5 thoughts on “kj’s right, it is very cool

  1. Why, it provides me with sustenance, of course. I think any place that serves beer, whisky, and food I like under one roof is useful.

    How can it not be useful? 😉 Nice catch, though.

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