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I have a Blackberry 7750. I was reminded today of how painful the installation process was by a colleague who was having issues getting Win2k to recognize his. The long and the short of it is that RIM’s install software seems to be hit and miss with Windows 2000 when it comes to installing the USB drivers. Things can get especially munged if you plug in the 7750 before installing the drivers (in spite of multiple pieces of paper telling you not to do this).

If you have a 7750, use Windows 2000, and you get a USB device error when you try and connect the two together (i.e. your crackberry is not being recognized), try the following (which assumes you have installed the Blackberry software already. If you haven’t installed it, do so before trying this). Please note that I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your desktop, your 7750, your data, socks, pet cat, or blood pressure. It worked for me, so it may work for you.

  1. Unplug your 7750
  2. From the RIM common directory (usually c:\program files\comm files\research in motion\USB Drivers), copy rimusbnt.inf into the c:\winnt\inf folder, and rimusb.sys into the c:\winnt\system32\drivers folder
  3. Reset the 7750 using the reset button on the back.
  4. Reconnect the 7750, and follow the prompts to install the USB driver. It should install properly now.

You may encounter synchronization difficulties if you had successfully connected the 7750 before performing the above procedure. I ran into this. If you do, simply disconnect the 7750, delete the configuration files in the Intellisync directory (usually c:\Documents and Settings\%userid%\Application Data\Research in Motion\Blackberry\Intellisync), reset the 7750, and re-connect.

It should work now. If it doesn’t, call RIM (but you better have a support contract, ’cause they really don’t like talking to people who buy their stuff but not support) or your service provider.

Update: Good thing I know which piece of gear it is I own. Firck.

3 thoughts on “blackberry 5750 7750 usb fun

  1. there’s a guy at RIMM named
    zoltan. Anyways, he was at a conference of my former research group’s, and all I could do under the table was the “Z sign” from “Dude Where’s my Car”

  2. “Zoltan!”

    That movie is all about the flamingoes, and the “Daddy, I want one of those!” “So do I, son… so do I!!!”

  3. I did everything you said but it did not work, it trys to install a driver called oem17.inf, even though i tell it to install the rim one. any ideas?

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