what’s the time? it’s beer o’clock!

The folks on the channel pointed me to a great Firefox plugin this morning. It’s the “Beer O’Clock” plugin, and it tells you how much longer you have to go before you can enjoy quaffing some cold suds. One of the nice bits about the plugin is that you can define your own time units, so it can remind you that you only have to throttle 4 more sales reps before beer, or something similar, instead of something depressing like “5 more hours of conference calls”.

As a productivity tool it’s probably not going to help you out. It is fun, however, and puts a nice little pic of a pint on your status bar.

One thought on “what’s the time? it’s beer o’clock!

  1. Speaking of beer o’clock, today my friends are doing a big beer tasting. They have an event called Suds in the City here in Fresno, but it costs $30 (food not included) so we decided to do our own. We went to Beverages & More and bought $130 in beer. Then we went online and got descriptions of each and ordered them from light to dark. Charge people $10 for the beer and some BBQ and I expect everyone will have a great time. We tried to get one or two beers from each country and two or three of the summer beers offered this time of year. Yes everything is in bottles and yes I’d love to do this at a pub from a keg, but we live in Fresno damnit. We’re in the produce capital of the world but I’ll be damned if you can find good beer or scotch outside of two stores.

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