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So, there’s a whole bunch of people who I know that use WordPress for their blogging needs, and Spam Karma for preventing those WordPress blogs from getting overrun with spam. They’re the default choice on any of the WordPress sites here on, and both are outstanding pieces of software (in my opinion, for what it’s worth).

Spam Karma’s creator, Dr Dave, has had a few life changes of late, and has gone back to the world of being a full-time student. As we all may remember, this usually means lots of work and not-so-much cash. Maintaining the Spam Karma software can take a lot of time, and when your time is required for attending class and making money so you can continue to eat and sleep while attending class, the time for continued development of things like SK can suffer.

Dr Dave has written a great overview of the current state of Spam Karma, as well as a number of new challenges that he is facing on a few fronts. The net of which is he’s hoping to get a few donations to allow him to continue to combine time spent developing Spam Karma with the time spent keeping a roof over his head, books on the table, and fuel in the belly.

If you’re happy with Spam Karma, I encourage you to donate to the project (or his Bombay Sapphire fund), and help out a little. I know I’ve seen evidence of the new bot, and a couple tweaks did fix everything, but it’s reminded me of how much time SK2 has saved, and I thought is was worth a little sumthin-sumthin’.

One thought on “got spam karma?

  1. WordPress Trackback Spam!!!
    I have installed plugins that prevent comment spams, but this won't prevent trackback to be blocked. I've been spam by many
    MFA websites that most probably is from the same network with trackback, but they are not linking me on their website. May I
    know how do they do it and how do I stop it? Without disabling trackback?
    Thanks, and I'm using WordPress.

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