white chicken chili

…because the other day got up to 36-ish, it seemed like the best way to celebrate was to make chili at 11pm. it’s a staple recipe I got from lee when I was living in NYC, and it’s worth sharing. probably not in 36-degree weather, but I’ll leave that up to you. NOTE: if your […]

T-minus 2 hours

IMG_0709.jpg, a photo by zjlw on Flickr. Our back yard cleaned up pretty nicely for the wedding. We had the ceremony on one side of the yard, and dinner on the other. The weather was fantastic, and so was the day as a whole.

it was kinda like this

it was kinda like this, a photo by ibekev on Flickr. …but better. in case you didn’t know, I married the girl of my dreams this weekend. it was wonderful. thanks to all my family and friends who shared the day with us. we’re unbelievably lucky.

Adobe Security Updates for Flash, Reader, and Shockwave Plugins (plus bonus Silverlight & Java updates)

On June 14th 2011 Adobe released updates for its Flash, Reader, and Shockwave plugins to address critical security vulnerabilities in those products. Also getting in on the update fun recently was Microsoft, with a new version of Silverlight and Oracle, who released an update to Java last week that addressed 17 security vulnerabilities. If you […]

may two-four

may two-four, a photo by ibekev on Flickr. so, how was your long weekend? this was the first weekend in a while where we didn’t feel we should be building an ark. we decided to tackle the front porch, which was originally going to be replacing some rotten railings, which exposed a rotten structural member […]

exgenia is outta here

I’m in the midst of moving servers, and now realize that not one mailing list hosted on deadsquid.com has been used in over two years. so, with that historical data in hand, I’m killing them off. archives will remain available, and if you were a subscriber you know where they are. as of today, however, […]

using canadian credit cards at US gas pumps

If you’re a Canadian and have traveled through the US by car, RV, whatever, you’ve probably noticed pretty much all the gas pumps require a ZIP code. You’ve probably also noticed that a postal code ain’t the same thing. Finally, you’ve probably been frustrated with having to deal with the surly station attendant who doesn’t […]

build your own browser – maintenance 5 oct 2010

Build Your Own Browser will undergo scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, October 5th 2010 between 06:00 and 10:00 Pacific time (1300-1700 UTC), and will not be available for use during this time. We’ll be pushing a new version of the application that will add localization support, some l10n-specific settings, and a new queue management system for […]


I joined Mozilla in early 2007 to work with a number of our partners, assisting them with creation and distribution of customized versions of Firefox. My role also involved outreach with organizations that interact with Firefox, a little liaising between orgs, and a lot of advocacy of the Mozilla Foundation, it’s principles, projects, and its […]

ok, I’ll play too.

I don’t generally participate in memes but, I confess, I did like 3lime’s a waste of time a bit of fun (her blog is worth the read). also, I am procrastinating finishing a presentation I have to give on wednesday for summit. here goes: What experience has most shaped you and why? my mother’s putting […]