may two-four

may two-four by ibekev
may two-four, a photo by ibekev on Flickr.

so, how was your long weekend?

this was the first weekend in a while where we didn’t feel we should be building an ark. we decided to tackle the front porch, which was originally going to be replacing some rotten railings, which exposed a rotten structural member (the post), which exposed some rotten decking, and some really rotten steps.

which is pretty much how it goes when you start a small project to “fix” something on the house. saturday was gorgeous, and I spent most of it going back and forth to and from our local home building centre. they were laughing at me by the end of the day, except for the part where they gave me 8′ boards labeled as 10′. not funny, especially when you discover it 5 minutes after the store closes.

in any event, we now have a porch that’s been rebuilt, new steps, and a new colour scheme/paint job. we’ll continue working on them over the next couple days to finish assembly and railing installation, but it looks pretty damn good. we’ve dumped the ivy green on the posts and porch floor, and replaced them with white and clay (the same colour as the siding) respectively, and it looks great.

thatgirl (right) done good this weekend, and didn’t kill me even though she could have a few times. meg (left) threw in her hands to help out, and this pic is of the two of them working on the new stairs I built, and some of the porch trim.

this weekend really wasn’t a holiday. in addition to rebuilding and painting the porch we: opened the pool (and installed everything); weeded and mowed the lawn (two wheelbarrows of &^#% dandelions, and that’s probably 1/3); repaired the trimmer and trimmed everything that needed trimming, including the 4ft grass in the ditch that’s still filled with all the fscking water from the last month; cleaned out the garage; stowed the tarp and cleaned and pressure-washed the pool deck area; gave the people from robaxacet some well-earned cash.

it was a good weekend, and we packed three weekends of work into one. and now, we’ll have a nice dinner and sleep like logs.

what’d you do?

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