build your own browser update

tonight we pushed the fruits of the byob team’s (les orchard, neil lee, and carsten book) labour from the last couple of months to the BYOB app. there’s a whole lot of changes and fixes under the covers, as well as some changes to the user-facing features. those additional features allow distribution creators to hide […]

revisiting search

Mozilla Firefox has had a search bar since its initial release, and has helped to change the way our users look up information by giving them a single interface to a variety of search services. It’s also had search services in the location bar, but they’re not as accessible or (arguably) useful as what’s offered […]

kick the tires and light the fires

It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve posted anything that was a result of thinking vs. problem solving, and I’m hoping that stops starting now. The past year has been one of the most challenging and gratifying of my life, but it has been 100% reactive, with precious little advance planning and a […]

a stroll down memory lane

so… wow. it’s been an interesting last year. – I met a nice girl – who has nice kids – and a dog – who now pretty much lives with me (the dog. actually, the girl too) – and likes to chase frisbees (just the dog) – so I go to the park again – […]

firefox 3.0.9 partner repacks

During the release process of Firefox 3.0.7, we added a section on Partner Repacks to the Releases page on The idea behind the addition was to make people involved with the release process aware of the repacks, which depend on, and are affected by, the general release process and schedule. The information presented was […]

personas 1.0 released

the mozilla labs team released version 1.0 of the personas extension today. personas adds lightweight skinning to firefox, and the labs team has lined up a bunch of people and organizations (including livestrong, pictured here) who have submitted designs. have a look-see, or submit your own.

it’s not a cash grab, it’s an investment

from Bell’s site, for reals. I’m betting someone put it in as a joke, and it stayed in the final copy. in Canada, mobile carriers (and other comm services companies) charge a "system access fee", which is generally $6.95 a month. it’s on top of any plan charges, and is purportedly to improve the network. […]

seven things

ah, internet memes. they’re fun, actually, and the current one running its course on planet has reached pyramid-scheme proportions. I’ve been tagged by both robcee and shaver, and am happy to play the game. so, here goes. The Rules Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post. (see above) Share seven […]


I like toys, and this one surprised me. I got a Ford Escape Hybrid, which is the first Ford product I’ve ever had to drive that I didn’t loathe. I wouldn’t buy one, mind you, but it’s the first Ford I’ve driven that didn’t feel like a Ford, and had an interior that was even […]