a stroll down memory lane

so… wow. it’s been an interesting last year.

– I met a nice girl
– who has nice kids
– and a dog
– who now pretty much lives with me (the dog. actually, the girl too)
– and likes to chase frisbees (just the dog)
– so I go to the park again
– I’ve been to the left coast ten times
– I’ve been to Toronto six times
– I missed going to NYC at Xmas for the first time in a decade
– I completed my 365
– I filed my first patch (very, very minor)
– I turned 41
– and I feel significantly younger
– so I’ve started running again
– and have dropped 15 lbs
– and it’ll keep on dropping
– I celebrated Canada Day with Walt and Lee and company
– who also brought a dog
– I also bought a house
– I move in less than two weeks
– to a place that is not Ottawa
– but is as close (time-wise) to YOW as I am now
– and is closer to a lot of other things, like my brother (now that he’s returned from Kirkland Lake)
– it’s been crazy
– I get overwhelmed every so often
– but it’s great,

That’s life in a nutshell. There’s a bunch more, but those are the more important bits.

See? I’m not dead, after all.

6 thoughts on “a stroll down memory lane

  1. Hi =]

    I’ve been following you without comment this past year and loving every minute of it!!!! Life really can begin at 40…. just wait until your 60’s… they rock =]

    I love you Kev… I really do.


  2. Hey Kev, my comment is the opposite. I haven’t actually looked at your blog in ages and it just popped into my mind to look this afternoon to see what’s shaking with you. Wow, did I ever pick the right day! Sounds like all’s well in the world of Kev. Glad to hear it cat.

    Take it easy.

  3. HeeHee! It’s fun stumbling on juicy tidbits like this one! I think you’re ready for another update babes! 🙂
    Love you tonnes!
    “That Girl” xo

  4. Hmmmm…. Speedy drums her fingers waiting for juicy news… hoping for lots of pictures and praying life just gets better and better for Kev and “That Girl” =]

    With love,
    Grama Speedy X’s 5

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