build your own browser update

tonight we pushed the fruits of the byob team’s (les orchard, neil lee, and carsten book) labour from the last couple of months to the BYOB app. there’s a whole lot of changes and fixes under the covers, as well as some changes to the user-facing features.

those additional features allow distribution creators to hide their builds from public searches, add non-default search plugins, and define bookmark folders in the bookmarks menu and toolbar that can hold up to 10 items. we’ve also reorganized things a little in the config wizard so that all addons are in one section. david rolnitzky is also helping us out with getting messaging together, and as we roll closer to 1.0 we’ll be talking a little more about BYOB and why we’re doing it.

moving forward we’ll be focusing on streamlining the registration system, re-developing the site’s look and feel (and copy), adding support for some additional add-ons, and integrating the app and build components into a little more scalable infra. I’ll be bringing the project page up to date over the next week or so, and in the interim invite you to have a peek at the changes we’ve made.

if you have questions or comments, feel free to join us in IRC in the #byob channel at, or via the contact form on the BYOB site.

huge thanks again to les, neil, tomcat, and david for their work over the past several months. byob is an idea we’ve been kicking around for almost three years, and it’s nice to see it fast becoming a reality.

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