best quarterly bonus ever

a friend’s company got bought out last week, and he got a new coffee mug from his new overlords. he was quite excited.

it reminded me of the time where, after spending three weeks out of four on the road at a bill-out rate seven times my salary, my company (Silicon Graphics) rewarded me handsomely for my efforts:

<bobo> did I mention that we got bought out last week?
<bobo> we are now owned by <redacted>
<kev> yup, you did
<kev> read abt it yesterday
<bobo> couldn't remember
<bobo> I got a new mug out of the deal. weeeeeee!
<kev> q1 bonus!
<kev> (one quarter at SGI I got a $25 gift certificate for a quarterly bonus. I spent it on a green mug and a purple mug, then it was all gone)
<kev> I still have the mugs, tho

I should mention the gift certificate was for the company store. so it was probably worth something like $10. this was one of the main driving factors of my moving on to Globix in NYC (before the RIFs began in earnest). the final straw was a two-part act: I) I got a new manager, and no one told me for over a month. II) my first meeting with my new manager was for my annual performance review, where he got me confused with another employee. good times, good times… pardon my rambles.

it still saddens me greatly that SGI couldn’t market itself out of a wet paper bag outside its walls. the swag was nice, tho.

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