refreshing sand

Look! A manual exposure! By me! Not involving a trench coat and a bus! And it looks like I may even have a clue! And how about all them exclamation marks!!! (damn you, prii)

Thank you Canon for making it easy to fake it, and thank you even more Bryan Peterson for an outstanding reference on exposure. Of course, this particular pic was dead simple lighting-wise, but I’m starting to understand the whole ISO/shutter/aperture relationship, and I’m a lot less scared of the big “M” on the program dial. When I go out in the morning or late in the day we’ll see if I can still take a couple that don’t completely suck.

I have no idea why, but I like this one. I’m not crazy about how flickr auto-formats entries, so I’ll have to muck with templates a little. Still, it’s a quick way to fire a pic up, and it saves on my bandwidth and disk space on cthulhu. The idea is to get out once every two days for an hour or more and just play. Yay playtime!

2 thoughts on “refreshing sand

  1. Actually, that’s a nice shot– the metal looks really good, with the reflections and all.


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