van: confirmed


Alrighty, I’m gonna go see shesa get hitched to that crazy-but-excellent beau of hers at the end of August. This means a trip back to Vancouver, and I’m totally stoked about going. Tickets are booked, the hotel is booked, and now all I need to do is make sure I get to see all the people I wanna see. Breakfast/brunch at Burgoo will be required at some point on Saturday or Sunday (mmm… Southwestern Bowl breakfast), and I really, really, really wanna get some qwality sushi whilst in town. We’ll also have to convince some other folks from the area to go for bevvies and/or Disc Golf over the weekend (‘jen, you’re invited as well, just in case you happen to be slumming the last weekend in Aug.).

Two months to go!

6 thoughts on “van: confirmed

  1. oh! i’m so there!

    well, i will try to be. might be stuck in PG from july 30th till the end of time.

  2. I understand meds can be like that. 🙂 My sister started an ungodly amount of time ago, but she’s a doc-soon-to-be-cardiologist, and it’s been a tonne of fun (and less than a tonne of not-so-fun) listening to her share the experience.

    It’d be cool if you were around, I can show you how to throw things at Colin. (not that I have any doubt you already do 😉 )

  3. You’re right…should be a good one Kev 🙂 However, seeing as how Jen and I have never actually met she’s never had the opportunity to throw things at me 🙂

    Great to hear that you’re coming out. Throw in a practically mandatory outing to the Atlantric Trap and Gill.

  4. Err… umm… I meant “not that I have any doubt you already know how to”. Amazing how things change from the brain to the fingers.

    I’ve never been to the Atlantric Trap and Grill… I look forward to it!!!

  5. Yay! Let me know your exact dates. I hope to be sane and available to hang out. This plan smacks of excellence!

  6. Oh, I thought maybe you were renting a large vehicle to head out west…

    Coincidentally, I have some friends heading to squamish somewhere about that time – they’ve asked me to come along but the nebulous work situation means I can’t answer that question.

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