grab that gun

So, here’s where I rot in hell. There’s this band, I think they’re great, but no one plays them here. Worse, no one sells their CD here. I want to convince people that they’re a great band to listen to, but I have no where to point to. What do I do? I put on my eyepatch and say “y’aaahhhhhhhrrrrrr!!!”

Have a listen to The Organ‘s Memorize the City. Now, assuming you don’t think it sucks, go out and buy this CD. Oh… wait… if you go anywhere other than Amazon, you can’t. No one this side of Calgary seems to sell it in a CD-like format, so… go to the Canadian iTunes Store and Grab That Gun from there. It’s sooooo worth the ten bucks.

I ripped this from media I purchased. I claim fair use, in that only my friends pay attention to this place, so they’re the only ones I’ll be sharing it with. I’m sorry, but it had to be done, because Kelly Katie’s voice is that good.

5 thoughts on “grab that gun

  1. ‘The Organ’ are f*cking brilliant!! I bet CHUO in Ottawa plays them because CJSW in Calgary does.
    Support University Radio!!

    As for where to buy their CD… come on Kev, surely there’s an Indie Music Store in Ottawa. What’s Organised Sound at 591-A Bank St.???? The internet tells me that they have the “Most extensive indie, electronic and world music (everything from Afrobeat to Brazilian to Scandinavian to Asian) selection in CD and vinyl in the city”.
    Go shopping!!

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