reality tv, pintday style

Jesus, Ev makes me laugh, and KJ makes me think (and the roles are toally interchangeable). I am very lucky in that I get to post my drivel alongside the stuff that comes out of Ev and Kjell’s brain (yes, this is an intentional grammatical error). Ev’s the tounge-and-cheek one, and Kjell’s the methodical, maniacal, and “jesus christ how can you be so fucking stupid?” one. And again, the roles are totally interchangeable, it just seems to work out this way a lot.

On Reality TV as Ev sees it:

The black-flies-and-bikinis episode will likely remain as one of the funniest and most ill-advised moments in reality-TV history. Naturally, those that liked it, liked it a lot.

The visual of Maritimers in bikinis covered in black flies and bites is appalling and yet scarily funny all at the same time. I am sad to say, I’d fall squarely into the “like it a lot” category.

Thanks guys, you make my Tuesdays 🙂

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