it’s like a real movie, or something

I went to see Skeleton Key last night and, Kate Hudson cute-ness aside, the best part of the movies was one of the previews. I was psyched, but a bunch of the audience was confused. Seems a LOT of people haven’t heard/paid much attention to Firefly here, including the person I was seeing the movie with. The upsetting part about this is that said friend is a huge Buffy/Angel fan, but had never seen a Firefly episode. They have the DVDs to correct their sins.

On the big screen, Serenity and her crewbies look great. It’s gonna be fun. (and coop, there’s your answer)

On a semi-related Whedon topic, does anyone else find the “Bones” promos just feel wrong with David Boreanaz in a scene involving copious amounts of daylight?

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