who taught that boy how to drink, anyways?

Why are some people so fucking stupid? I was coming home from my run today, dressed in my running gear (basically tights that, were I not wearing wind briefs, would allow you to tell if I was circumcised from 50 yards away) and still breathing hard from my run. A guy walks up and asks […]

hous bin pharteen

Walt sent me a link to a hysterical skit from SNL. How De Niro can deliver everything with a straight face I have no idea, but it’s funny as hell. Apologies for the Windows Media Player format, but that’s the way it goes. While popping this on the server, I rediscovered the video of the […]

four simple rules

Ok, I’ve figured out this whole resistance training thing. You just need to remember some rules, and everything else will fall into place. The rules: Chest forward Shoulders back Gut in Knees bent slightly That’s all there is to it. Everything I’ve done so far requires all of the above. The trick is to remember […]

sign this, and you’ll be certified 100% ethical

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I wrote a piece for Pintday a couple weeks back that I was proud of. It doesn’t happen very often. I’m in Toronto. Toronto sucks. Actually, Toronto doesn’t suck, just a bunch (but certainly nowhere near all) of the people here do. That fucking retard of a bartender at Traders […]

for real

Ok, I’ve finished my fun little self-discovery, and the last four or five months have been fun. I had lots to write about, and even did write about it, but have decided that what I wrote will stay with yours truly for the present time. There wasn’t a lot of writing to be had, however, […]

Listening to: Gulf War Song – Moxy Früvous Work was very productive, with no major surprises. Most of the day was spent convincing other people to come to Saint John with me to do the evaluation. Truthfully, I don’t need any one else, but separate viewpoints and having other people there as witnesses helps. One […]

Hah hah. Our technology group – whose assessment was the driving factor in choosing a group to deliver some services – are trying to plead they’re swamped with work. I pointed out the reason our group was where we were with the service in question was because of their decision, and I wanted them there […]

Listening to: Conference calls – nothing but conference calls. I’m working from home today because I’m finally getting some decent doors put on my apartment. The main entrance off the lobby was a hollow core interior door fer fuck sake. I felt secure, let me tell you. The guy doing the job is pretty cool, […]

Listening to: My spleen burst while venting to myself Sometimes, my morning spam gives me a chuckle, today it gave me a laugh. The subject was “Deep Fisting Rodeo – Yee-hahh!”, and I will confess my right-brain kicked in for a second. I just have a hard time picturing a group of folks sitting around […]

Listening to: Holly Cole Trio Some day I will stop doing stupid things. Today is not that day. I’ve been living in a fridge for the past couple of days, as our boiler has been on the blink and it’s been –20 degrees Celsius outside. The repairman came this evening, as they were done all […]