for real

Ok, I’ve finished my fun little self-discovery, and the last four or five months have been fun. I had lots to write about, and even did write about it, but have decided that what I wrote will stay with yours truly for the present time. There wasn’t a lot of writing to be had, however, and I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve been focusing on living my life, instead of hanging out in front of my computer all the time. I’ve managed to get in shape, run a 10k, go on a number of strange dates, get an amazing trainer, fuck up my product launch, and a whole whack of other shit. It’s been a blast, and I’m starting to get this whole “life” thing.

Don’t expect much from me, as I won’t promise any kind of regularity on updates. I will try to be better than coop, however, and maybe that’ll help goad him into updating more. Ok… on with the spleen venting.

Tonight was one of those nights I’ll remember for a while. Not since shaver came to visit before leaving Netscape did my scotch collection get such a workout over such a short time. Coop outdid himself last night, and the results were fairly entertaining, although I would not have wanted to be him in the cab ride home or in the morning. Thankfully, Kristina is the patient sort, and James and I are reasonably confident we’ll see him for fooball (sic) this evening.

The evening itself kicked. I counted seven dead wine soldiers in the blue bin, and the food went over quite well. It was a vegetarian night, and no one noticed – always a good thing. We had cheese fondue and chips (heh) to start, followed with Tex-mex lasagna (tortillas instead of noodles), Syl’s cauliflower pie, some Mescaline (sic) salad, and some beans. Barb provided a chocolate fondue for desert, which most of the guys missed out on (not me, chocolate and banana – yum!), and which was very tasty.

There was a tonne of Mario Double Dash played, and we broke out the Eyetoy. Coop sucked across the board, and let everyone know how he felt about it (and got appropriate sympathy, which is to say none at all). I showed folks my balance ball, and it was a positive factor whilst playing Kung Fu. I’ll get around to cleaning it up sometime real soon now.

I wish we got together in large groups for dinner more often. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and I really enjoy cooking for a crowd. Maybe when I move I’ll make it more of a habit. Wine, food, great people, and games. What more could you possibly want?

Oh yeah, Coop and Kris gave me Buffy: Five by Five for Xmas. Kick-ass CD – thanks guys!!! If you don’t have it, I highly recommend getting on Coop’s good side and snarfing it.