who taught that boy how to drink, anyways?

Why are some people so fucking stupid? I was coming home from my run today, dressed in my running gear (basically tights that, were I not wearing wind briefs, would allow you to tell if I was circumcised from 50 yards away) and still breathing hard from my run. A guy walks up and asks if he could bum a smoke from me. One, do I look like I smoke, and two, where the fuck do you think I would be storing my cigarettes (and if you figured out a possible place, would you really want to “bum” one from me)? Honestly, use your fucking head. I wouldn’t be pissed off if he hadn’t asked me if I was sure when I said “no, sorry, don’t smoke”, and then looked at me like I was Bill Clinton. Morons, everywhere! It’s good I’m so tolerant.

Hrmm… I seem to have overcome my plateau that I hit a few weeks ago. I’ve been hovering pretty solidly around 195-197 the last few weeks, in spite of increasing the exercise load. I started resistance training (no, it does not involve RPGs) in January, and I think I’ve been replacing fat with muscle mass instead of just burning it off. I’m starting to see some definition in the arms and back, so it’s all good. As of this evening I’m 192.2lbs with 21.2% body fat, down from 227.1lbs with 32.0% body fat in October. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I have before and after pics, but there is no way in hell I’m gonna post those.

I’m going to start tracking workouts in this space, as well as any relevant (to me, anyways) data about them. I got a new toy for Christmas (thanks Matt & Ange!), and have been merrily tracking most of my runs. It makes nice little graphs, which you can see some samples of. Here’s the Zone 1 run I did today for a little over 70 minutes, and here’s the interval training that just about killed me yesterday.

I watched Forrest Gump last night, and I had forgotten what a kitchy/cool/fun movie it was. I now get the running bit, which I never did before. Speaking of running, I’m averaging about 35km a week now, on top of the three workouts, an hour of hockey, and a little cross-training on the recumbant bike. Jenn tells me I should take spinning classes, but I dunno if I can handle that right now. We’ll have to see, I’d like to give it a try, but I don’t want to break my fragile little body. Ok, babbling now, so prolly boring people, including me. It’s time for sustenance, anyway.

My nephew is going to fit into the family in later life perfectly, I can tell. Hell, he may even fit into Coop’s family.