how I amused myself today

Because I’ve had quite enough of vapid, fanboy coverage of Macworld and CES by the regular distractions, I had to find something on the weeb that would keep me entertained. Surprisingly, I accomplished this. Interested? Tough shit, I’ll tell you anyways.

Go to this site. Skip the intro, unless you have a coconut fetish. TURN OFF THE MUSIC by clicking on the orange button in the upper-right hand corner. Now, run your mouse pointer back and forth over the referee icons as fast as you can.

Sounds like the martian ships from War of the Worlds and other bad scifi movies of the fifties and sixties, don’t it?

And that’s how I amused myself today (ok, not really, but it was kind of funny for about 13.7 seconds).

2 thoughts on “how I amused myself today

  1. ooooooookay……

    Thanks for letting me know how to turn off the music. Man I hate websites that shove something like that down your throat.

    I’m not sure I heard the same sounds you did… Maybe you should sndrec32 it?

  2. Ummm. I hate to admit it, but I played with that for at least 14 seconds, perhaps even 15.

    I know what sound Kev’s referring to… go watch yourself some MST3K. Preferably some with some 50’s sci fi. 🙂

    J – I would like to register a complaint. Your new site name makes my sidebar all… y’know… fruity.

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