it’s working

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had purchased a second pair of orthotics and some new shoes to go with them. I’m happy to report that things are going pretty damn well.

My first pair of Nimbus VIII’s had to be returned after a couple weeks because of a bad seam in the heel that created a nasty perma-blister. The replacements are perfect. The shoe is light, comfortable, and a dream to run on. They truly are a cushioning shoe designed for running, and running only, so don’t try them with anything that needs lateral support.

The orthotics seem to be working just fine, and after a couple weeks of the pain shifting from the outside of the fifth metatarsal to the inside arch to the balls of my feet, it’s a shadow of its former self. I’m stretching like a gymnast (yes, that’s an exaggeration) and am feeling about as limber as a 4×4, but it’s getting there. I’m running around 20km/week, and it’s increasing.

So… it’s working, and I’m training for an event in October. We’ll see how things continue.

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