it’s working

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had purchased a second pair of orthotics and some new shoes to go with them. I’m happy to report that things are going pretty damn well. My first pair of Nimbus VIII’s had to be returned after a couple weeks because of a bad seam in the […]

so maybe they’re working

I’ve run three times this week, and things are feeling a lot better. The excruciating pain along the fifth metatarsal has faded considerably. My knee isn’t telling me to stop after twenty minutes. I now get some pain in the arches, but I was told to expect that as the foot adjusts to the corrections […]

graceful (or not)

Tonight I pumped up the tires and adjusted the brakes and derailer on my bike, found my shoes and helmet, filled my Camelbak, and threw all of it in the trunk and headed up to Gatineau Park for a little ride. While I was there, I learned some new tricks with math. Specifically: kev + […]

plantar fasciitis relief

I have high arches. My dress shoes, which I’ve had to wear for the last two months, do not. I’ve also been running again, which puts more strain on the same area. As a result, my right foot hurts. Specifically, my right foot has a mild case of plantar fasciitis. I’ve been stretching it out […]