trip to the past

I was going through some paperwork (invoices from a decade and a half ago, when I ran my own company), and came across some pics I hadn’t seen in a while. I believe they were taken in the summer of 1990, but it could’ve been 1991. In any event, it was from one of the summers on Sunnyside, when my roomies (and pretty much everyone I worked with at Oliver’s) all worked at Wilderness Tours. The sequence is here, and was taken while our raft hit Coliseum, part of the rapids up in Beachburg, Ontario.

As you can see, I didn’t quite manage to stay in the boat. I still remember the hit vividly, as well as saying “awww, fuck”, then falling in the water and being plucked from said water by Mike and Kevin. Every single person, with the exception of one of the guides, was one of my friends at that point. It’s weird how time changes everything, as I haven’t spoken with anyone except Carlos (who manages the Big Daddy’s on Elgin) in years.

I can still name everyone in this pic (except for the second guide, who is at the back of the boat and appears to be leaning into the water). Starting with our guide (and my roomie and friend) in the red jacket and working clockwise they are: Dave (Shtuke), Michelle, Caroline, Mike, Kevin, Sandra, me, Carlos, Maureen, Sheri, Val, and Denis. While I’m normally not one for living in the past, these were all good people, and I’m sorry I have lost touch with pretty much everyone in the pic. That said, 16 years is a long time, and a lot changes.

It makes me a little sad, and I feel kinda old, all of a sudden.

3 thoughts on “trip to the past

  1. Looks like you have some Googling to do!!!! There’s a lot of names there, Shirley you can find one of them and then…. well, you won’t be sad =]

  2. The lurkers… they are everywhere!!!

    Hi Speedy! Man, I haven’t seen a [143] tag in (what seems to be) eons!

    Hopefully things are going well, and that you’re still gaming like there’s no tomorrow!

    Great to hear from ya, where you be these days?

  3. Yo, had to laugh seeing you fall out of the raft. Can’t say it surprised me any – almost typical of you, causing undue situations for your own personal enjoyment. do you have no shame? I did see an article posted awhile back banning you from any white water in Ontario. Hmmmmm, makes one think…..

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