dude. _dude_.

Ok, I don’t have kids, so perhaps I see more of the humour in this than someone who does, but Amalah’s latest entry struck me as fairly hysterical (although, I suppose that word can be used in a couple contexts as it applies there). It involves a night out on the town, and forgetting something that’s somewhat important out in the car. No, it wasn’t a wallet.

DUDE is right, because I now have something to hold over Jason’s head FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, and I couldn’t be happier about that, since maybe now he’ll stop asking if Noah looks a little cross-eyed because I sort of let him fall off the couch that one time.

Poor Jason, and yes, poor Noah.

Walt, have you done this yet? Coop, take notes.

One thought on “dude. _dude_.

  1. My parents tell the story of the first night they went out after my older brother was born. They left him with a babysitter (“we’ll be home by 10!”) and went to a friend’s place for dinner… just like old times. In fact, so much like old times that it wasn’t until their host asked them a 2am or so what time the babysitter was expecting them that they remembered they had a baby.

    I kind of think sleep deprivation and habit change don’t work all that well together. There are definitely cases of “neglect” out there, and even the “slips” could have tragic results… but… “there but for the grace of god….”

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