just in case you folks in ontario and quebec forgot…

So, how many people pay attention to the bill stuffers that Bell Canada sends you? Didn’t think so. When I worked there, it was identified as the preferred method to send any information that wouldn’t be well received by the customer as studies showed a ridiculous percentage of customers tossed all the extra material without looking. But that’s another story…

A gentle reminder that a number of folks in Ontario and Quebec will be forced to switch to 10-digit dialing in the coming months. Those lazy, hazy, hedonistic times where you only needed seven keypresses to connect to someone in your local calling area is coming to an end.

I’m reasonably sure we’ll be seeing more ads for it in the coming months, but in the interim you can have a gander at the Candian 10-digit dialing website. Apparently Stentor was replaced with the “Telecommunications Alliance”, but I’m betting they only present themselves that way because the CRTC told them they had to.

In any event, get ready, as it’ll start working June 17th, and will become mandatory on October 21st or October 28th (dependant upon which area code you’re dialing from).

3 thoughts on “just in case you folks in ontario and quebec forgot…

  1. Just a little more food for thought…..we here in Toronto and the surrounding area have already been doing this for quite sometime….so it’s about time the rest of you catch up. Also, buy some good handcream as those extra calluses sneak up on you…..

  2. Yeah, I’m kind of surprised that Toronto was able to deal with it. I suppose it is a little different than a couple inches of snow 🙂

    When I was in the US we has 10-digit dialing, and I preferred it because you never had to worry about adding the “1” in any of the programmed devices. Sadly, I understand that is _not_ the way the Canadian telcos are goign to do it, because that might 1) make sense and 2) provide some additional convenience for their customer base.

    I’m sure they’ve got a great argument about how it’s necessary so people don’t complain about not knowing that a number dialed without a 1 wasn’t long distance, or some equivalent bullshit. 🙂

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