I’m sorry, but you cannot possibly convince me that Polamalu didn’t intercept that ball with 5 and change to go. He had clear control from the time he caught it, through the roll, and his knee popped it loose and he recovered it. If it was the offense, it would have been ruled complete, I’m pretty damn sure.

I understand the refs are under a lot of pressure, but there is no way in hell the review showed indisputable evidence the ball wasn’t intercepted. He had control fromt he time he laid hands on the ball. He brought it into the body prior to rolling, which is a “football move”. I just don’t understand how the ref didn’t rule it an interception from the replay and, barring that, where the indisputable evidence was that he didn’t cath the ball (as was ruled on the field).

The Colts quickly scored a touchdown after the call, and converted the two pointer. If this game goes to the Colts, I gotta question just what in the fuck the NFL has instant replay for, because I just don’t see what the ref saw (and I’m willing to bet the NFL will admit – if Pittsburgh wins – that he blew the call big time).

Update: The drunken kicker blew it as big as the ref did. The Steelers win, as they should have, but omfg it was an interesting finish. I feel for Tony Dungee, but the Steelers deserved the win. Oh, and Jerome, please tuck the ball before you take on the line.

Update 2: No kidding.

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  1. Oh sure, no comments about the horrible calls that went against the Pats yesterday. Of course we turned the ball over too many times to really believe we were going to win even had the refs made the right calls, but it still sucks to see obvious offensive pass interference get called defensive pass interference. Oh well, at least Indy lost so the refugees from Indy can’t make fun of us Pats fans at work come Tuesday (company formerly based in Indy…then they got money and did what everyone does who lives in Indy and gets some money: moves away).

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