make money from the interweeb

I saw an ad for this site and had to laugh a little. It’s all about how to get rich by suing spammers for the low, low price of $34.95. (no legal knowledge required!) It even says that you can “Start looking forward to finding those emails selling Viagra, Mortgages and Porn”.

Sign me up, I need some dough! I’m actually tempted to see what’s in this wonderkit, but $45 is a little much to read the equivalent of a 1-800 ambulance chaser ad. Interestingly enough, the company that markets this package has a bunch of other domains (which I won’t bother listing), all of which hide any kind of real information by using their registrar’s contact information or a service like Domains by Proxy.

The final part that’s really funny, is that the parent company is identified as “Fusion Corp” in Austin, Texas. There’s a web advertising business that has a parent named “Fusion Corp” in Austin, TX as well. Maybe they’re hoping people will sue their competition to open up the market for them. Fusion Corp seems to have a bunch of other sites that sell/promote spyware that allows you to check up on your kids and spouse.

All in all, an entertaining company that I will stay well away from, curiosity and all.

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