dinner, but no movie

Tonight was one of those nights where I had to stop and think. This is an oddity for me, and it was brought on by the fact that my dad has not been to a place that I’ve called “home” since I lived on Kilborne Place. For those who may be unfamiliar with where I’ve lived and when, I moved out of my Kilborne condo in November of 1999. Frig.

In any event, my Dad and his compadre Sue came over for dinner this eve, and it was most excellent. I gave them the grand tour, and I realised I really like what the place is turning into. A huge reason behind my being as happy with it as I am is due to Kristina, who has supplied a tonne of ideas and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my living space. It is warm, comfy, and I love it.

Dinner consisted of Lee’s white chicken chili, complete with a dollop of fat-free sour cream and fat-full old cheddar cheese. I served whole wheat tortillas and a baby romaine with red onion, grape tomoatoes, mushrooms, and pine nut salad, and a really nice pinot grigio. We all sampled a wee dram in lieu of dessert (which I totally forgot about), and it was a really nice eve.

I must have more people over more often, it’s way too much fun. The really scary part is that Dad and Sue are my first dinner guests, and I moved in here mid-April last year. Firk.

I’m thinking some dinner invitations will be in the mail, soon, for some folks.

4 thoughts on “dinner, but no movie

  1. wtf!?! My recipe doesn’t include anything that reads ‘fat free’. Hmmmm…maybe it should, or I could remove all mirrors in my house…maybe then there is a slight chance, “lord she’s gaining” might be substituted with “holee she’s a vampire”.

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