dinos with my oatmeal

I have oatmeal 4 or 5 times a week. It’s not exciting, it’s nutritional. I keep telling myself this as I choke it down. My old trainer told me to try mixing protein powder in with the oatmeal to “liven it up”. What I got was a congealed mass that reminded me of plaster of paris and made me want to puke. It’s not exciting, it’s healthy.


It seems the fine folks at Quaker recognize that people like me (ok, 6 year olds, but that’s not what’s important here) choke the pasty blob at the bottom of their bowls as fast as humanly possible to avoid the texture and/or taste (or lack thereof). They’ve come up with a new type of oatmeal with hatching candy dinosaurs. I am not sure whether I should be embarassed or not, but if these make their way North I’ll be giving them a whirl.

I’m not proud, but at least I’ll be entertained the first packet or two until I discover how wretched said dinos taste. Thanks for the link goes to gizmodo.

13 thoughts on “dinos with my oatmeal

  1. part of “healthy” is enjoying what ur eating.

    there was a study out of UofLaval a fewyears ago showing that food eating while content had more beneficial results than when eaten under stress…

  2. well.. 1 tablespoon of olive oil has about 2g of saturated fat. wouldnt expect my cereal to have as much saturated fat as a tablespoon of oil!

  3. 2g is not a whole heck of a lot, especially considering my cholesterol levels are below what they need to be. I’m not terribly concerned, as 2g of fat is about 3% of the RDV of all fats and represents a whopping 18kcals. I don’t think it’s unhealthy at all, but that’s just me.

    A pat of butter contains around 2.5g of saturated fat.

    Why wouldn’t you expect your cereal to have that much saturated fat? A big component of grains is their energy store, which is primarily fat in a solid form.

  4. Olive oil is a bad comparison, since it is primarily poly- and momo-unsaturated fats.

    Regardless, a little fat isn’t going to hurt you. (A recent US study insists there is *no* safe level of trans-fat consumption, yet a little margarine isn’t going to kill you).

    Yes, when you pick your fats, you want to favor poly- and mono-unaturated ones. But that doesn’t mean you need to cut out saturated fats entirely. In fact, some would argue that that’s one of the contributors to the obesity epidemic (the focus on fat, and saturated fat avoidance)

    But I digress.

    Oatmeal good. I used to eat it with just frozen fruit (blueberries, especially). When I get bored, just about anything goes in there. Yogurt. Nuts. Strawberry Honeycomb cereal. Whatevah.

  5. i agree re: a little bit of fat wont kill you.. in fact.. eating fat will keep you full and crave less food and have a beautiful skin.. 🙂

    having said that, limiting the amount of saturated fat is probably a good idea especially if you have a choice. Quaker oats has 0.5g of saturated fat per 40g (as opposed to the dino’s 2g/50g).

    assuming one eats a full pack of the dino or 1 cup of quaker oats.. that’s the difference between 4g and 1g of saturated fat. for the same (kinda) product.

    kj has it right.. if u think oatmeal tastes like ass (i love oatmeal!) add fruits in it!

  6. yum = 1/3 cup quick oats, 2/3 cups water, bit of frozen fruit, sprinkle of slivered almonds.
    Put in microwave for 2:30. Top with a little bit of brown sugar and milk.
    Voila! Best. Breakfast. Ever.
    (now if only I could get up in time for that)

    Who cares about the amount of fat… it’s not like you’re deep frying it!!

  7. Get up in time for it? It sounds like it’d take about 60 seconds to prep! I’ll give it a try, and think I’ll toast the slivered almonds as well.

    Strawberry Honeycomb? Hrmm… maybe I’ll try Captain Crunch as a topper 🙂 I do like the plain stuff with fruit. I just saw the dinos and the little kid in me said “wheee!”

    Totally agree on the amount of fat… when it’s above 15g/meal, then I’ll consider it a little more.

    Now I’m hungry, but have a run in 90 minutes, so that ain’t gonna happen for a bit.

  8. You’re all crazy. Oatmeal tastes gross no matter how you try and hide it.

    Now if we talk MUFFINS, then I can understand the oatmeal enthusiasm.

  9. Kinda like… refried beans?

    Oatmeal and salsa… hrmmm….

    So, I tried little’s combo, but mixed in some plain protein powder and a bit of field berry yogurt and a touch of honey (no brown sugar added). The toasted almond slivers were a touch to bitter, but it was still excellent.

    Then I went to McDonald’s and got an Egg McMuffin.

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