Every so often, my dad surprises me. Today he did so with a very short story, and it gave me some insight into what a wonderful person he can be. The specifics are personal, so I won’t go into them here, but it was a little family history that made me smile and also reinforced how much he cares about his family.

Over the past decade I freely admit my dad has driven me a little nuts from time to time, but I think parents and kids are supposed to do that. The last couple years has been a bit of a watershed, as we’ve been able to re-connect through regular visits and the odd home project I help on. It also helps that he almost never calls for technical support anymore, because he’s learned to RTFM.

So what is the point of this blathering? The last week has really sucked on a personal level, and it’s nice to have family hit me with a perspective stick once in a while. Five years ago that probably wouldn’t have been possible. I guess time passing is sometimes a good thing.

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