start the signal

Thanks to coop, and indirectly to the proprietor of pie palace, I have a ticket to this evening’s pre-screening of Serenity. I’m psyched, and have been catching up on the odd episode over the past week on DVD or on the recent Joss-a-thon they had on Space. From all indications the movie is going to be a very enjoyable ride, and it’ll be cool to get a chance to check it out before its mass release.

Damn I wish the retards at Fox had given this one at least a ghost of a chance to succeed and continue as a series.

One thought on “start the signal

  1. The Joss-a-thon… 2 whole screens on the TIVO menu that said Firefly, Firefly, Firefly, Firefly, Firefly… I thought the thing was broken.
    Cuz that would figure… Kj goes away for 3 weeks and the damn TIVO breaks. I wouldn’t survive.

    Have fun at the pre-screening!!! JEALOUS!

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