Wow. I’m home. I have no trips planned in the immediate future. I don’t have to get up Monday morning at 04:00 to catch an 06:00 or 06:40 flight. I’m pretty relieved. I got home from NYC late Thursday and have been doing my best slug impression ever since. The project ended well, and I got to see Walt, Lee, Zoe, Jake, and Lee’s dad a couple times while I was there (not enough, but I’ll take what I can get 🙂 ).

I took Friday as my Civic Holiday, and blew a whack of cash on new dishes, my area rug for the living room, some shelving, and a new blender. The blender is amazing; here’s hoping it fares better than the three other blenders I’ve owned in the last four years. Now I have to sell my couch and chair, paint some walls, and figure out what kind of window coverings I’m going to use in the living and dining areas. And then… invite some people over for a feed, because it’s been too long since we’ve done one.

I also have a ridiculous amount of garbage to put out on Thursday. Ah, the joys of being home. I’m pretty happy that I can actually do something about it, for a change.

Now all I have to do is get over the fact that summer’s gone.

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