There’ll be no spoilers, so fear not. The pre-screening of Serenity was great. I met up with Chris and Kris, and we sat in the middle about 6 rows back. The theatre was full, and everyone was paying attention. It’s the first time in a loooooooong time that there were no ads, and only one trailer (Doom – The Rock signed up for that when he was hopped up on something, I’m sure) before the movie started.

I’ll go see it again, because the audio on the print we had wasn’t quite right, and it would have been nice to have the digital sound and a little more punch. That said, the movie was solid, the dialogue excellent, and the use of humour liberal. A large number of blanks of the Firefly universe were filled in, and it the transition from the little screen to the big was done well. I can’t write more than that without giving anything away, and there’s a lot more to the story than the trailers let on.

Very, very enjoyable. Thanks again to coop and e, and to the head of the local browncoats for organising the whole thing (oh, and for the keychain – yay swag!). I’ll be seeing it again, probably in the theatres, and then at home when the DVD comes out. Recommended.

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  1. I was in a movie theatre full of sci-fi geeks and I was able to sing along to the ‘Jayne’ song!!! Ack! What is happening to me?

  2. I don’t think anything is “happening”, you kinda proved you fit right into that crowd when you dressed up as drunken teletubbies for Halloween (an event I will never forget 🙂 )

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