gabrielle maria mcquade

Please welcome to the planet Gabrielle Maria McQuade, the 19.5″ healthy offspring of Terina and Steve, at 8lbs 1oz. Gabrielle was born at 18:51PST, and is the closest to a New Year’s baby I’ve ever known.

Congrats to Terina, Steve, Bella, and the kids. Gabrielle, we’re sorry in advance for your father, but your mom will more than make up for him. 🙂

3 thoughts on “gabrielle maria mcquade

  1. Couldn’t have happened to a better fellow! Ha! 🙂 THAT is the ultimate revenge for Steve. Man is he going to be a wreck as she hits puberty!

    (Is she the second? can’t keep track of things anymore)

  2. I think that’s probably more appropriate. Who knows how many bastard poodle hybrids are out there?

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