things that make me go hmm…

I’m sure these diagrams made sense at the time, but I hafta wonder. I recognize my office and my handwriting, but man, that seems soooo long ago, and it was only 2001. I miss those days.

I actually do remember what the pics are. The first was a cutover timetable from a huge mail system to a sane-sized mail system, after our “partners” decided to go it alone after they spent $10M of our money. The second was an initial, half-baked concept of a content delivery system that Walt took and finished cooking, and over-delivered with multiple times. I still feel bad about saddling him with it, but man, he made it fly.

Ahh… memories. I miss my brick walls, the pinball machines, Kourtney’s sarcasm, Josh’s gopher-like cubicle antics, Yadira’s stuffed animals (which indicated if I was in deep shit or not with her), Coop’s laptop in pieces, Walt’s coffee, James’ throwing shit at me, and everything else that made Globix fun. ‘Twas a blast, and somedays I wish I could relive it, and then I come to my senses. 😉