happy new year

Yesterday/today was a pretty good close-out of 2004. The morning was spent doing some last minute running around for new tires (really), some beer for the evening, and chocolate for Kris and Chris’s fête. On the subject of chocolate do check out Truffle Treasures, as they have the best chocolate I’ve had in a loooong time. Highly, highly recommended.

I didn’t sleep well the previous night at all, and only managed a couple hours. This was less than ideal, as I was running the 10km Resolution Run with the Wednesday night run group and being fatigued is no fun. The afternoon was spent attempting to have a nap, but the brain was in overdrive and wouldn’t let me rest. Oh well.

The race started at 6:30, and to get to the start line I ended up running an additional 3.5km – 1.5 to Carol and Pierre’s where we were meeting up, and another 2 from their place to the start line. At least we were warmed up. The run was great, with Terry bringing all kinds of glowing accessories for wearing during the run (it’s dark after 5:00pm here). Carol did the 5km, while the rest of us ran the 10km. All things considered, it was a good run. We finished in style with party horns and sparklers as we crossed the line in 1:05:something.

The race was followed up with a much-needed shower, and then it was off to Carol and Pierre’s for a drink. They were serving up a dinner as well, which smelled awesome. I had to pass on dinner, but the Guinness and conversation with folks was great. A very nice way to start the evening, and I didn’t feel like dying at any point. Once dinner started, I hopped back in the car and travelled to Chris and Kris’s to ring in the New Year.

When I arrived, it was pretty obvious that everyone was having a good time. I am fairly certain that a decent amount of brain cells had been killed by that time, and everyone looked fabbo and was having an excellent time. Karen posted some pics of the eve and everyone there. I think we paid attention to the New Year’s arrival for about 90 seconds, then went back to doing what we were doing.

Around 02:30 everyone was about done, and I drove Mark, Barb, nad James home.

Was a great evening, and I didn’t bonk. All good, and a better group of folks to bring in the New Year is hard to find (we’ll have to find a way to sneak the Trotta’s out next time).

Hope everyone’s New Year was safe and happy, and that the upcoming year brings you everything you’re looking for.