how retarded

Coop got fucked again. While he gets to stay on team Orange, I’m kind of wondering how the league can justify replacing 3 people (updated, I realise that the 3 in and out are not going to/coming from completely seperate teams).

Part of playing in a league is chemistry, which isn’t instantaneous. While I understand the ultimate goal (ptp) in Winter league is to achieve parity and make the games a learning experience, I question the logic behind changing the teams this late. You’ve now blown away a chunk of the team by taking the best/better players and replacing them with less-skilled folks. Any chemistry/knowledge of your teammates is gone, the better players are usually (although not always) the leaders, and the remaining players will have to start all over with building a team.

In all likelihood, this means that the next 3-6 weeks the games will be less-than-fun for orange as they get accustomed to their new mates and establish a new structure and flow. Suck.

I realize that OCUA is doing it’s best, but I have one question: What are all the people who make the decisions doing during the selection process doinf during tryouts? Isn’t the whole point of tryouts to select players who belong in Advanced, and then make balanced teams? Is the selection process really just a forum to confirm what people think they know, without actually validating how good the talent pool is, or is it supposed to be a true analysis of the talent pool so they get it right the first time? I understand moving a player here or there, but not 3.

It really doesn’t affect me much, as I don’t (and never will) play at that level. Still, I’ve seen it happen two years in a row, and know how difficult it can be when you make serious changes after everyone starts to get used to their teammates. I fear that this year will be a repeat for coop, and that just ain’t right. I also don’t think it’s a knock against the coordinator, who from what I’ve seen takes on an awful lot solo and has a lot of respect. I’m wondering where the help is 😉

Ah, what do I know about sports, anyways? Sorry coop, and here’s hoping team orange is not “Team Yellow: The Redux”.

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  2. I just wanna know why I was supposed to ask Mark how you did it. Were you two engaged in disc golf shenanigans again?

    …and boy, do I know the “not much to cheer about” side of things when watching my ultimate team from the sidelines 🙂 Sorry to hear it went that well.


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