I’m a huge fan of mashups, where someone remixes two or more tracks from different artists together and comes up with something cool. Soundhog is probably my favourite mashup DJ/arteest, and he’s done a lot of great stuff. I was goofing around with Launch last night and came across the Linkin Park/Jay-Z video of Encore/Numb. Awesome. Picked up the CD today, and the live performance video is pretty sweet, too. Good stuff – the two sounds complement each other really well (but that’s just my opinion). The rest of the CD is pretty kick-ass, but Encore/Numb is definitely my pick of the litter.

3 thoughts on “mashup

  1. I have a couple of faves
    Smells like teen booty (Destiny child’s bootylicious and nirvana’s smells like teen spirit)
    The entire DJ z-trip Uneasy Listening album. The part with Midnight Oil with Metallica made me almost lose it.
    99 Luftproblems (99 problems and 99 luftballoons. love that stuff) has some mashups if you wanna take a looksie.

  2. Smells like teen booty’s awesome, but i haven’t heard 99 Luftproblems, which sounds like a trip. Thanks much for the link, I’ll have a peek and see what I can find.

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