Sorry about that, it’s been a long week. Welcome to the new and improved server. Nothing’s changed in terms of what the collection of deadsquid sites look like, but we’re with a new hosting provider. After five and a half years living it up in New York City, our new home is somewhere in Virginia.

A couple of things still have to be changed, but we’ve upgraded pretty much everything underneath the covers. New versions of apache, mysql, and php along with a new distro, better security, and a faster processor with more memory. The bandwidth isn’t the same, but that’s life.

I believe everything made it through unscathed, and there’s still some final work to do (like mail – ugh), but it looks like everything made it across. Thanks to walt for setting up the firewall and bits of apache and to coop for tackling mysql and migrating our table data. I learned a lot abotu Debian in the last couple days, along with using a new package manager and getting reacquainted with apache config files.

On top of the move, the week has really, really, really sucked. Christmas vacation (Dec 20-28) can’t get here soon enough. I’ll write more later, I’m sure, but I haven’t felt like doing anything of late.

5 thoughts on “pti

  1. Clicking on that first link 403s me. I don’t have permission to access /, and I want to, dammit!

  2. Woah, that acts even weirder than I expected. It looks the same, but if I use my history I get the more recent entries. This one should be more recent?

  3. That was caused by some unexpected behaviour by sendmail. There were a pile of messages queued up, so I had to change the A record for back to point at the original cthulu. Now* and* should point in the same place, and everything should work as expected.

    You noticed this mainly because your site is out of public_html. Sorry about that. Let me know if you’re still seeing weirdness – DNS changes should propogate by 20:30 tonight (unless your ISP is Videotron, who ignores TTL in DNS SOA records).

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