istop temporary solution

See their home page (I cannot get at it from some networks who shall remain nameless) service disruption

We regret that Bell Canada, in direct contravention of its contractual obligations to us, has suspended service to IStop over disputed billings. IStop has repeatedly brought Bell’s errors to its attention, without receiving a response. IStop has also attempted to invoke the dispute resolution clause of its contract with Bell, which requires that disputes be arbitrated. Bell has refused to participate. We have directed our lawyers to deal with Bell to arbitrate and to end the suspension of service; so far, Bell continues to refuse to reply.

We have detailed Bell’s billing errors, which include duplicate charges, rate errors, and tariff contraventions. Unfortunately, Bell appears to believe that, as a giant dealing with smaller businesses, it need not concern itself with correcting mistakes or adhering to contracts. We will continue to try to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

We have made temporary arrangements with another ISP so our customers can get back online. Change your login to istop.userid@internet. for example if your current login is, change it to istop.jsmith@internet. Customers will be assigned a dynamic IP. We are working on a solution for static IP customers and expect to have it in place by 1700 on Friday.