i r teh suk

I am plumbing new depths as I continue on my record-setting pace in our fantasy football league. I am 0-8, and managed to leave 57 points on my bench in a 76-73 loss this weekend. It’s been the way the year has gone – out of eight losses I had the ability to win six of the games had I selected an (more) optimal lineup. League bitch I am and, since none of my players are consistent, will probably hold the title through the completion of the season. I’m almost at the point where I’ve been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Yay me.

Moving forward, I will probably use some form of random selection to pick my starters. Attempting to use my brain to pick them is clearly the wrong way to go about it.

6 thoughts on “i r teh suk

  1. i think that you and chris must subscribe to the same dictionary

  2. Only sometimes, and usually only when the dictionary in question is this one. Besides, it’s more a poke at fun at ourselves for sucking. We mock those who can’t spell, so it’s kind of self-deprecating commentary.

  3. bizarre. i guess i’m teh out of touch with the urban speak of today’s online community…

  4. Well of course I do, you’re not typing poorly on purpose, and I have a sliver of hope that all my negative reinforcement will pressure you to improve. I’m not holding my breath, though.

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