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Woo-hoo! I am an uncle times three!

My little sister Ange had a little boy last night (sometime around 11pm Eastern, I believe). Kieran Daniel Kealey weighs in at 6lbs 13oz. Details beyond that are sketchy, but I am told mom and baby are doing fine, and daddy’s all freaked out 😉

I was surprised by the selection of the name Kiran, although I really like it. It’s a Hindi name meaning “beam of light” (this, of course, assumes that I got the spelling right). The meaning made me just about die, because of a private joke my sister and I have shared for a few years. I can’t tell the story here, because Ange would kill me, but it made me laugh.

Congrats to the sib and adopted sib, and welcome to my new nephew! We’ll hopefully get some pictures posted to their site in the next few days.

Update: I can’t spell. Kiran is Hindi, Matt is Irish. I should put two and two together sometimes and attempt to get something other than 7. That should have clued me in that I had the incorrect spelling. I’ll wait to get the “official” spelling, but it’s most likely Kieran or Ciaran.

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  1. I’ve met heard of two people named Kiran, and both of them simply go by one name.


    Like Prince.

    One was some recruiter person, the other was a fellow grad student who broke is left arm when a truck crushed the right side of his vehicle (the impact drove his left arm into the left side of the vehicle).

    Promptly after telling me this story he beat me one-handed in foosball.

  2. Congratulations 🙂

    I knew a cat named Cieran once… He was Irish…

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