Did you know that some people don’t take kindly to mental lapses? I was talking to a woman I met through running last night, and had a momentary brain fart and confused her with another woman at running (there are a lot there). I recognized my error, apologized, and was told not to worry about it (uh-oh). Forty-five seconds later she let me know she was tired from a long day, and had to go (riiiight). Five minutes later I got an e-mail telling me not to bother calling her back or talking to her (surprise!).

Umm, ok.

I admit it, I got confused for a sec, it happens a lot with me. I was mortified when I realized my gaffe, and said so. I found the reaction pretty funny, though. If that’s all it takes to get crossed off a list, I think I will stick to beer and videogames. I mean, it was the first time I had ever talked to this person outside a “you still breathing?” question while running.

I’ll be sure to keep a notepad on me and by the phone… oh wait, no I won’t.

4 thoughts on “whoops

  1. look at it from her perspective… she prolly u pick up girls from running class often.. so often that u got the names all confused. 🙂

    moral is.. dont fuck up girls names kthx

  2. I didn’t fuck up the name, I just mistook her for another person from the running room class for a few seconds. No biggie, I was amused more than anything.

  3. If she got this worked up over something so small, it’s probably just as well 🙂

  4. The funny part was, she asked me to call her to go running, so that’s what I was doing. We ended up talking a little more about things other than running, and got on the subject of travel. What keyed her getting annoyed was me thinking she was someone who had gone to Thailand (a place I want to go), and I asked her how she had enjoyed the trip she hadn’t taken.

    Why she got worked up at all is one of those mysteries I’ll file under… umm… “life’s like that” – yeah! There wasn’t a whole lot of interest beyond running. Strange days – maybe she was just having a bad one.

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