anyone want a couch?

It’s a nice leather sofa bed, paid $2500 new just under three years ago. Dunno what it’s worth now that it appears to stained in multiple places with indelivle blue ink. You’d think I’d be mad, but for whatever reason I seem to be accepting the fact that it’s wrecked without a lot of fireworks. I haven’t sat on the damn thing in ages, so hadn’t noticed it until I moved stuff around today. Whoe knows when it happened, but the spray patterns make me wonder how in the hell it got there (the ink stained the hardwood floor, too – it’s like someone had a water pistol or something).

And the hits keep coming.


One thought on “anyone want a couch?

  1. Try lomon juice, it works wonders…
    This is a tip from grandmother, after my 2.5 year old used a pen on my lether (cream color) sofa.

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