’tis gone

I helped my brother move my… err… his TV today and, although I’m choked about letting it go, it’s going to a good home. The thing weighs around 280 pounds, and the two of us got it out of my house, onto his truck, to his house via the 417, and into the living room with very little problem. Within 30 minutes of depositing the beast we had boxed and moved the slate from the pool table and received his new sectional couch. Not bad for an afternoon.

Derek and I were shooting the breeze when my niece Rachel walked up to us and said “I’d like to start the show.” We were puzzled for a second, and then realized she wanted to put a movie in and enjoy the new couch. We put the couch together, pulled a DVD player out, powered everything up, and fired up “Finding Nemo”. It was aweseome. Beautiful colour, a 57″ picture, great sound, and an amazing story. The five of us (derek, Jen, two kids, and I) just flopped on the couch (there was enough room) and enjoyed the moment.

It was really cool, and as Jen said “anything that gets both of their attention for more than 10 minutes is worth it.”

I’ll miss the stupid TV, but I’ll miss my brother and his family more. They leave on Tuesday, and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. They’re the big reason I moved back to Ottawa, and now that they’re leaving I’m a little unsure what next steps are involved. That said, it was really cool to just flop on the couch and watch a movie.

My baby’s in good hands, and I’m gonna miss my bro and family something awful.

I’m thinking the waterworks will be in full effect Tuesday.