back in the saddle…

Alrighty… so I’m back at it on the activity front. I never stopped weight-training, and managed to hit some big milestones over the last couple of weeks. I can now squat 245lbs., bench press 180, and do 10 reps of dips with a 40 pound weight attached to my ass. I’ve dropped 6 pounds in the last two weeks thanks to a little more carefully monitored diet, and I can easily do a couple hundred crunches in one sitting. I’m bragging, but I’m pretty friggin’ proud (and in shape 😉 ).

I’m also back to running, and am group leading the LTR course at the Slater Street Running Room. I’m taking it reasonably slowly, and am only running intervals with walk rests which total about 12km a week. Today will be my first go at Ultimate since the Co-ed Jamboree, and it’s with another team I’ve never played before. It should work pretty well as a tune-up, but I just have to remember to tone it down a little.

The focus this past few weeks has been disc golf, and my game is pretty decent. I can putt fairly reliably from 20 feet out, and can flick drive really well (in my very biased opinion). I really need to work on my attitude, though, as I tend to cuss a lot and the folks I play with can’t enjoy it that much. I’m starting to get used to the tee-bird, although with changing my driving style my roc does things I don’t expect it to, so I have to re-learn it’s behaviour. James has been very good at coaching, and I’m playing about +8 on average from the blues, which is pretty decent for a first season using golf discs.

Ok, shameless boasting finished. Happy Saturday, and try not to dwell on the past today.