ode to leafs fans

3883 It’s fun being a Leafs fan in Ottawa (disclaimer: I thought Alfie’s impersonation of Mats was pretty damn funny, and it was a shame that a Lady Byng candidate such as Tucker was on the receiving end of a questionable hit). No, really. People send you the nicest things in the mail. I will […]

dear leafs nation head-honcho-types

Please put Pat Quinn out of my misery, and get a real coach. While you’re at it, please replace Cement Head Jr. with someone who can actually manage a team and get real players when they’re available. At least during the Ballard days the guys actually looked like they were trying. Ok? Ok. Thanks. (I […]

the puck drops

So the “new” NHL started last night, and I tuned in to have a boo. I watched the last half of the Ottawa-Toronto game after getting back from dinner with the Wednesday night crew, and the first period of the Phoenix-Vancouver game. The “Battle of Ontario” reminded me a lot of the last NHL game […]