a few (quick) thoughts on nevis

  • the green on blue on blue is gorgeous
  • it’s a lot more humid than I thought it’d be
  • lots of people give their vehicles a name, and advertise it in large vinyl letters
  • groceries are hella expensive
  • I like Carib beer
  • the free-range goats and donkeys make me giggle some
  • sitting on the porch reading a book and watching planes land and take off is an excellent way to spend the day
  • a run tonight is required, because I’ve been slacking
  • not feeling like I have to do anything is a new experience, and one I like an awful lot
  • if you like diet dr. pepper, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it here
  • an imac works well as a tv for watching football and movies
  • a walkabout might be required today. maybe. if I feel like it. we’ll see.
  • the company (and my host) is awesome

having a wonderful time. can’t believe it’s saturday already.

3 thoughts on “a few (quick) thoughts on nevis

  1. Sounds like a time. You do plan on going back to Ottawa, right? ’cause it would be a drag to drive over 7 hours with two kids and show up to an empty house.

  2. I do plan on coming back, yes. In less than three days. Yeif… the time, she is flyin’ by. Fear not, I will be there, ideally before you.

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