cleaning out some cobwebs

it’s been a long time since I posted anything meaningful here, and it’s a habit I’m trying to break. I’ve spent most of my posting effort over on flickr, but it’s been really lacking. I have a lot to say, I’ve just had a really hard time saying it. more to the point, I’ve had a really hard time focusing long enough to say it.

I’ll be trying to break out of that again, and will be posting as little more regularly about life, along with mixing in a bunch of work crap. there’s a lot of changes coming with what we do with working with other organizations in spreading Firefox, and I think it’ll be really important to explain why. I also want to start writing bits up which help folks understand how to customize Firefox to make it truly theirs, and to navigate the fun that is a first time experience with AMO. high time I get on that.

the site will undergo a few more tweaks in the next week or so. I really like the depo theme, but think it could use some rearranging here and there to make it a little more legible. it could also use a couple more bits of data from other corners of the weeb I lurk in, so I’ll be trying to integrate those without hosing the general look and feel.

currently, I’m sitting in Nevis, of St. Kitts and Nevis, so won’t be writing a tonne until next week. I just had an opportunity to sit this morning and upgrade WP and think a little about what I wanted to do with it. today will be spent looking at an old sugar plantation, walking a beach or two, sweating off five pounds or so, and hanging out with `jen. that’s a pretty darn good way to spend the day. I think.

more later, happy friday!

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