impala red-o

I seem to be getting out and actually taking the odd picture again; it’s been sorely needed. I’m frustrated with the long time it’s taken to get where I am with the knee (which is at a point where I can _finally_ consider treatments that may actually help things), and getting out and snapping is surprisingly therapeutic.

A few of us from work decided a MFBT field trip was required, so we schlepped our gear through the market and ended up at Chez Lucien for burgers and beers. It was gross outside, with the heat and humidity threatening to melt us all, but we persevered (and the cold pops at CL were so much the better that way).

This was one of the last caps of the night; a gorgeous Chevrolet Impala parked out on Laurier E. I mucked with the photo a little to fade the colors and leave the reds strong. This was the result, I like it. If you want to see what it looks like on a black background, click here.

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